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Traceable Sustainable Coffee

At deTerroir, we prioritize the transparency of our supplies from the earth to your cup. We purchase of our green beans as close as possible to the farms, in order to promote a sustainable trade that ensures the traceability of our coffees.

We strongly believe that this business model is the only way to guarantee fair payment to everyone involved in our sourcing, especially the farmers.

In order to guarantee our customers fair and traceable coffee, deTerroir sources its green beans from independent traders who have direct contracts with farmers and / or cooperatives that bring together micro-productions of coffee trees.

We select our products based on quality, but above all for their exceptional aromatic profiles. deTerroir's roasting signature underlines the quality and uniqueness of the terroirs with the sole aim of offering a distinct pleasure-filled experience.

As common as it is to consume coffee, still too few understand the importance of an inclusive and equitable relationship in sourcing. deTerroir wishes to highlight the impact of our food choices, especially in coffee.

Thank you for encouraging our work and helping us promote a more sustainable and honest way of purchasing and consuming coffee. 

Allison & Pier-Paul

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