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Peru Fredeslinda Calle Jimenez

Flavours: Milk chocolate apricot| caramelized pecans / Terroir : Agua Cristalina, Alto Ihuamaca / Farmer : Fredeslinda Calle Jimenez / Process : Washed / Variety : Yellow Caturra / Altitude : 1805 MASL / Illustrated by Carococo/Carol-Anne Pedneault

Terroir: Alto Ihuamaca, Peru
Producer: Fredeslinda Calle Jiménez
Flavours: Milk chocolate, apricot, caramelized pecans
Farm: Agua Cristalina
Region: San Ignacio
Variety: Yellow Caturra
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1825 M

Fredeslinda Calle Jimenez produces specialty coffee in the small community of Alta Ihuamaca in northern Peru. This region offers ideal growing conditions for specialty coffee due to rich and fertile soil, located at high altitudes. This year, we have selected the yellow Caturra from Fredeslinda for its complex and balanced aromas of chocolate and nuts. For the second year, this lot is exclusive in the province of Quebec.

Fredeslinda works closely with Origin Coffee Lab which takes part in an educational program that teaches financial and agricultural techniques to enable sustainable and profitable change on the farm. Combined with high altitude and fertile soil, these microclimates produce exceptional coffees.

This bag contains 300g

Illustrated by Carococo/Carol-Anne Pedneault

If you need your beans to be grinded, please leave a note when checking out with the brand of your espresso machine or the type of extraction you want.

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