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Flavours: vanilla wafer | caramel | almond / Terroirs : Gikingo, Nuyinga / Farmers : 438 small farmers / Process: Washed / Varieties : Red bourbon / Altitude: 1627 M
Flavours: vanilla wafers | caramel | almond

Farmers :  438 small farmers

Terroirs: Gikingo, Nuyinga

Process: Washed

Varieties : Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1672m

Gikingo is a word derived from the Kirundi word "Gukinga," signifying quality preservation. This cherry collection center was founded in 1991 in Gashoho, Muyinga and is a state-owned washing station (ODECA). It provides revenue to 960 smallholders from 8 surrounding hills. This specific lot sources the highest quality coffee beans from 438 farmers.

Illustrated by Trevor Husband

This bag contains 300g

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