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Brazil Sitio Cachoeirinha

Flavours: Dark chocolate | Cherry liquor | Roses / Profile : elegant | complex | Rond / Terroirs : Mantiqueira de Minas / Farm : Sítio Cachoeirinha / Process: Natural / Varieties : Yellow Cataui / Altitude: 1100 -1200 M
Flavours: Dark Chocolate | Cherry Liquor | roses

Profile : elegant | complex | rond

Farm : Sítio Cachoeirinha

Terroirs: Mantiqueira de Minas

Process: Natural

Varieties : Yellow catuai

Altitude: 1100-1200 M

An exceptional batch whose flavors evoke those of a cherry blossom! Sheila and Cleber aim for nothing less than excellence for their specialty coffees. After sorting and washing, the grains are fermented for 72 hours, dried on African beds and then in a mechanical dryer. Their transformation processes from the hand-picked cherry to green bean are impeccable and reflected in every sip. 

Illustrated by Catherine Lavoie

This bag contains 300g

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