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Best 3 Tools to Brew Amazing Coffee

Best 3 Tools to Brew Amazing Coffee

Making coffee is just like cooking. Each extraction method requires a recipe and instruments adapted to the determined infusion method, in order to obtain maximum pleasure.

Since it's easier to brew bad coffee than great coffee, here are 3 basic tools to improve your brewing technique.


The coffee grinder is the most important equipment in the preparation of coffee, because what says uniform grinding means uniform extraction. Opt for a burr-type grinder, that is, a burr grinder that uses two rotating abrasive surfaces to grind coffee beans into evenly sized particles. These types of mills are recognized for quality, strength and consistency. They then ensure a more balanced infusion, therefore tastier.

Avoid grinders with propeller-shaped blades similar to those of a blender. They grind coffee beans poorly. Poorly ground coffee beans will result in a bad cup of coffee.


Whether for coffee, pastry or bakery, a scale is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. Since my view of coffee is that identical to cooking, the only effective way to accurately calculate the ideal water-to-coffee ration is with a scale.

Measuring the quantity of an ingredient is also the number one rule in the standardization of recipes, including those we develop at deTerroir.

Each brewing method has its extraction recipe. Visit our YouTube channel for our brewing recipes designed to help you get the most enjoyment out of every cup of coffee.

Manuel extraction

Manually brewing coffee is the best way to control the extraction process, but it’s also time consuming.

Manual preparation allows for better control of both the water temperature and the way water comes into contact with the ground beans. The ideal water temperature is around 200 F or 93 C.

No need to invest a lot of money in a manual extraction tool, a simple funnel with a coffee filter can do the job, but manual accessories are accessible.

Learn how to maneuver manual infusions on our deTerroir YouTube channel.

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