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Kenya AA Nyeri

Flavours : red berries | lemon | white flowers / Profile : velvet fruit juice / Terroir : Nyeri / Farms : various small coffees farmers / Process : Washed / Variety : Heirloom / Altitude : 1600-1900 MASL

Flavours : red berries | lemon | white flowers 

Profile : velvet fruit juice

Terroir : Nyeri

Farms : various small coffee farms

Process : Washed

Variety : Heirloom

Altitude : 1600-1900 MASL

This coffee surprisingly tastes like a concentrated syrup of berries and fresh white flowers. The beans come from a land described as the champagne of Kenyan coffee. Both surprising and very seductive, this coffee reveals its finesse in a long infusion. Ideal as filter coffee.

This bag contains 340g

If you need your beans to be grinded, please leave a note when checking out with the brand of your espresso machine or the type of extraction you want.

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