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Ethiopia Nensebo Riripa

Flavours: Peaches | Black tea | Jasmin / Profile : elegant | juicy | Floral / Terroirs : Nensebo | West Arsi / Washing station: Haji Betro / Process: Washed / Varieties : Ethiopian Landrace - 74110, 74112, Wolisho | Kurume / Altitude: 1900 MASL
Flavours: peach | black tea | jasmin

Profile : elegant | juicy | floral

Terroirs : Nensebo | West Arsi

Washing station: Haji Betro, district of Riripa near the Dodola village

Process: Washed

Varieties : Wolisho | Kurume | 74112, 74110

Altitude: 1900-2100 MASL

This bag contains 300g

This washed coffee certified organic at its origin has a distinctive aromatic profile with a surprisingly juicy mouthfeel. The terroir (earth, climate, human intervention, etc.) clings to the ancestral and modern varieties, revealed predominantly when prepared in a filter : floral aromas of chamomile, black tea, peach, grapefruit and spicy honey. This undeniably complex coffee comes from a region that stands out in the current coffee culture, especially because of its proximity to the lush biodiversity of the Bale Mountain Forest. When prepared in a filter, this coffee is just as tasty at room temperature and cold. 

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